7 Networking Tips For Mortgage Brokers

7 Networking Tips For Mortgage Brokers

Adopting these networking tips for mortgage brokers can help you connect with peers, expand your client network, and attract more referrals.

Bust out your business cards! The most successful mortgage brokers, especially those who are just starting out, are constantly seeking out new networking opportunities.

Let’s break down some of the best networking tips for mortgage brokers who want to grow their business in exciting, new ways.

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1. Make the first call!

No matter what field you work in, leveraging your peers for advice is a tried-and-true way to get to know others and have others get to know you. If you’re just getting started as a broker or in a new area, reach out to connect with more experienced pros. Whether they’re other brokers, real estate agents, or even local insurance agents, you’ll likely learn something new.

You could set up a lunch over Zoom to introduce yourself or meet up in-person to grab a cup of coffee. Even a short meeting can help put a face to a name and establish you as a motivated up-and-comer.

2. Join a peer mastermind group

A peer mastermind group is just like it sounds: A small group of three to six people who are roughly at the same level in their professional journey who meet on a regular basis to help each other in their careers.

Ideally, you could identify mortgage professionals of similar age or experience level in your area and meet with them (virtually or in-person) to talk about the changing real estate landscape and workshop marketing ideas.

Try to set up or join a peer mastermind group so you can discuss the real estate industry and workshop ideas on a regular basis.

3. Take your email marketing to the next level

Engage your warm leads in a serious marketing strategy. Try creating an automated email sequence that pushes your prospects through the funnel and keeps them interested in signing up for your services.

You can also use an online scheduling tool to automate how you post your social media updates or blog posts. These tools can help you post at peak times to reach your target audience. On that note…

4. Leverage social media for share-worthy moments

Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers, chat with current clients, and set yourself apart from your competition. You can use the most popular social media channels to reach different audiences, but the Holy Grail for brokers is user-generated content.

Ask your clients to send you photos from their move-in so you can repost them to your channels. Tag their smiling faces, as well as everyone else involved in the process, like their real estate agent or home inspector. Add a call-to-action in the caption, like “So thrilled for the Chambers family, who just bought their new home! If anyone else is interested in moving this year, give us a call!”

Getting Referrals from Clients 101

5. Nurture your current and past clients

It’s important to keep in touch with your clients even after the loan process is over.

Send a simple, handwritten ‘thank you’ note to your clients after they finish a mortgage application or after closing. Before move-in, you can mail the happy homeowners a care package with recommendations of local restaurants and shops, as well as the contact information for trusted landscapers, electricians, and handymen.

This will help reinforce to your clients that you’re looking out for their best interests and potentially make them more willing to refer you to others.

6. Build community relationships

It’s good to be seen, online and IRL! Look into social-distanced or virtual lunch-and-learn seminars to meet new contacts and strengthen professional relationships. Consider reaching out to local high schools or colleges and speaking about the value of saving up a rainy day fund, building/protecting credit, or what to expect when buying a home.

7. Offer help by asking these 3 questions

It’s crucial to offer help whenever you can, whether to a potential client or a potential referral partner.

Once you establish rapport, offer them help with how to buy or sell a house. Here are three questions you should ask new business contacts:

  • What are your goals?

Simple, but important! No two people have the same wants and needs.

  • How can I help?

This is where you come in. Could you spotlight a local event or spread the word about their business on Facebook?

  • Can I help introduce you to others?

Sometimes, the right referral can be a huge help. Your contact will likely remember your kindness and want to repay the favor down the line.

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