Meet Octane.

We’ve engineered a proprietary loan origination system that’s so smart, it actually enhances the loan process. You can trust that Octane will work behind the scenes at a revolutionary speed while you spend more time where you need to: with your clients and referral partners.

Enjoy the Benefits
  • Tough loans don’t scare us. Octane is built to simultaneously solve problems in multiple areas of the loan, whereas other systems work in a more linear fashion, taking more time to complete tasks. If you’ve got files you know might scare some underwriters, send them our way.
  • Octane works your hours. New business is always knocking. With Octane, you’re always ready to make the sale. Access Octane all weekend long with lock and disclosing ability and legitimate point-of-sale approvals. Need to check status or make a change? Don’t wait for Monday.
  • Real-time updates. At every critical checkpoint, Octane sends you a clear, concise, automated email about what just happened and what’s going to happen next. And if there’s anything that needs attention, don’t stress—Octane will notify you.
  • No babysitting. More getting back to doing what you do best. Don’t be a loan-level mediator anymore. Now, you can build more client relationships and take on more business with the time Octane saves you.

Explore Octane’s Features

What takes three days at other wholesale lenders takes as little as three minutes at Cardinal Financial Wholesale. With Octane, the power is in your hands.

Instant Changes of Circumstance.

In a matter of clicks, you can change your client’s loan details, automatically redisclose, and instantly update your approval. Gone are the days of waiting in someone’s queue. Octane makes change easy.

Closing prep control.

Generate your own closing docs in a snap. With Octane, you get full control over your closing prep so you can close your purchase loans on time and go get more business.

Piecemeal conditions.

Send docs as you and your client complete them. No need to hold or send them in batches. Octane proactively accepts piecemeal conditions to avoid last-minute surprises.

Powerful pipeline.

All of your loan details at a glance. The bulk of information you use throughout the day to monitor your loans is now accessible in the pipeline, eliminating the need for you to choose and run reports or drill into each loan.

Empowering Brokers

We don’t give you keys to a portal—we give you a front row seat in our system of record. Octane has been in development for over a decade and it’s transforming the wholesale lending industry. Its speed, efficiency, and precision remove friction from the process and ensure every critical deadline is met. We believe in empowering the broker and want to help your business thrive. Because when you win, we win. We’re just getting started.