Why wait? The time is always now.

You want control.
We can do that!sm

For years, brokers have been saying “Just let me do it.” We hear you and we get it. Sometimes you just get it done faster when you do it yourself. At Cardinal Financial Wholesale, we’re committed to giving you the keys to drive your business, and we’re also committed to delivering the best tools for you to do so.
Like any broker, you want speed and control over the process. When you partner with Cardinal Financial Wholesale, you get Octane®, our in-house loan origination system that not only compresses turn times, it gives you full control. Octane’s high level of automation means fewer manual tasks for you to complete, giving you more time back in your day to go get more business.

A lender that checks all your boxes.

At Cardinal Financial Wholesale, we’re providing more than just a pricing transaction. We’re meeting brokers’ and clients’ needs through information, tools, and technology. What brokers want? Check!
  • Full control over your business.
  • New product and industry updates.
  • Dedicated broker support.
  • Live chat whenever you need it.
  • Generate and send Closing Disclosures in minutes.
  • Instant, independent Changes of Circumstance.
  • Complete control over closing prep.
  • Send piecemeal conditions.