Octane: Cardinal Financial Wholesale’s Impressive System and How to Use It

Octane: Cardinal Financial Wholesale’s Impressive System and How to Use It

Octane; Cardinal Financial Wholesale’s smart, yet simple, loan origination platform. It’s so comprehensive, you can fully disclose a loan – from start to finish – in under ten minutes. Or, create a 3.4 file in less than 5 minutes. No joke. Take the time to set up Octane properly, and the system’s automation can eliminate all those redundant tasks and needless frustrations you’ve come to despise.

Sure, it takes some effort to establish all of Octane’s benefits, but you’ll save countless hours of repetitive work for your future self. It’s like reading a recipe and measuring your ingredients before you start cooking a new meal. You’ll spend a little extra time prepping before donning your chef’s hat, but you save infinitely more time and frustration by doing it. Skip the pre-cooking prep and you could be in for burnt vegetables, a dry entree, and a kitchen that looks like a trash heap.

It’s the same with Octane. Cardinal Financial Wholesale’s advanced origination system keeps your files clean, organized, and automated. The platform generates a tip-top underwriting disposition based on the information you enter, so you can avoid surprises and even do one-touch loan transactions. Plus, you’ll have full access to your loans and the ability to complete change of circumstances in minutes – no more waiting on operations. As the great Emeril would say, “BAM!”

How to Use Octane. The Easy Way.

Mortgage Loan Originators work hard. Every day is a hustle and origination can get complicated. We respect that you run your own business and don’t daydream about cozying up to a bowl of popcorn and hours of Octane education at the end of a long day. That’s why we’ve created short videos – think two minute tutorials – to guide you through basic Octane use. Octane saves you time, from training to closing.

Our Octane Video Guides

Library navigation

Turbocharge your business with resources on-demand.
Watch time – 2:14

Personal tab

How to use your go-to screen for borrower information. Hint: Octane walks you through it all.
Watch time – 1:18

Business income

You can add or change business income in just a few clicks. Add the numbers and Octane will calculate the rest! Octane will even generate a list of needed documents, unique to the borrower.
Watch time – 2:50

E sign tutorial

How to e sign and hand sign disclosures. It only takes three clicks for an e-signature.
Watch time – 2:58

Rejected conditions

The easy way to work through rejected conditions.
Watch time – 1:11

Self employment

Octane’s self-employment income calculator provides an accurate picture of how much income you’ll be able to use.
Watch time – 1:02

Underwriting disposition

The underwriting disposition is instantly generated. No waiting. Here’s how to get it.
Watch time – 1:16

Review liabilities

Here’s how to access your liabilities cheat sheet and more.
Watch time – 1:18

Request rate lock extension

How to request a rate lock extension and update the loan in less than a minute.
Watch time – 0:59

Escrow, taxes, and insurance

The easy way to toggle what you’d like to escrow. Plus, how to review the automatically generated tax information.
Watch time – 1:49

Gift funds

Octane has a place for that (and an automatically generated gift template).
Watch time – 1:46

Residences and tax filing tab

How Octane improves accuracy and saves you time with smart residence and tax filing automation.
Watch time – 1:42

Review & add fees

How to add and adjust fees in just a few clicks.
Watch time – 1:06

Want More Videos? Glad You Asked.

Octane, Cardinal Financial Wholesale’s end-to-end loan origination software can handle every loan origination detail, including:

  • Instant COCs
  • Instant full Underwriting Dispositions
  • Incredibly competitive pricing
  • Transparent accountability system
  • Automated compliance software
  • Wide-array of loan products from manufacture to reconstruction loans
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Full access anytime and anywhere

Ready for more tutorials? You’re in luck. Plans for expanding our Octane video library are underway for 2022.

It’s time to lighten your workload and automate your redundant tasks. All it takes is a few minutes to preheat your Octane oven. Learn how to use the platform properly and you’ll have the ability to do one-touch loan transactions. Still have questions? We offer personalized one-on-one training available for you. Just reach out to your Account Executive to get started.

Sure, it takes some effort to establish all of Octane’s benefits, but you’ll save countless hours of repetitive work for your future self.