Your success matters to us.

Our Promise to You

We believe in the success of our brokers because what fuels your business, fuels ours. We’ve heard your pain points and know your needs. Our promise to you is that we genuinely want you to succeed, so we’re giving you the tools, training, and connections to do so. We’ve spent time and resources getting the right processes in place and we’re serious about ensuring that our brokers’ concerns are taken care of.

We won’t cross-solicit clients.

While other lenders cross-target leads, you can put your trust in Cardinal. We'll never cross-solicit borrowers you bring our way.

We will not share your leads.

We know that broker-originated customers are extremely important and referrals from these customers is what fuels your business. We don't share leads between our channels. What's yours, stays yours.

We put you and your client first.

While other lenders say they have your clients in mind, we actually mean it. At Cardinal Financial Wholesale, we work for your client's best interest.

We push your recapture trigger leads back to you.

We’re the partner that gives you peace of mind. We will not proactively solicit your prior customers in recapture efforts. In fact, we supply you with your client triggers and payoff requests.

We’ll reroute your past customers.

When customers are identified in Consumer Direct as a previously originated broker loan, the loan officer is required to notify TPO Support Management and the corresponding account executive so that the broker's loan officer may reach out directly to their client.

We will not recruit out from under brokers.

We will not knowingly prospect Cardinal-approved broker loan officers in any way. You’ve built a team you trust, and we want you to trust ours.

We provide broker training.

We won’t leave you hanging. Not only do we train you in Octane, we have dedicated TPO Octane Support to answer questions and help you use the platform when you need assistance.

We support brokers having control over the whole process.

You should never have to wait on the lender. While other lenders lack the operational efficiency you want, we give you the keys and provide lender functionality at the broker level.

Our Ideal Broker
Sounds great so far, right? Let’s be real though, because transparency is important. We’re not afraid to admit that our model isn’t for everyone, but we believe everyone can benefit from what we have to offer. Brokers who benefit the most from our model like to learn. The brokers we feel are an ideal match want full control over the process, thrive in learning and using new technology, are looking for impactful changes to their day-to-day business needs, and believe that saving time by automating tasks is a true competitive advantage.
Not tech savvy?
We understand that all brokers are not the same. Some brokers eat, sleep, and breathe technology. Others are more old school and may even feel intimidated by it. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to doing business. So, even if you feel you don’t fit the description of our ideal broker, you still can win with us. Our top-notch training and tools combined with your willingness to learn our technology will help elevate your business. You’ll benefit most when you’re equally invested in our vision, our model, and our shared goal of seeing you win.
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