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for your borrowers in Hawaii.

CF Wholesale offers programs that make homeownership more affordable for borrowers in Hawaii. 

We know community lending in Hawaii can be complicated. That’s why CF Wholesale has a team of experts who know the state’s guidelines along with everything it takes to help you achieve your borrowers’ goals. In addition to our expansive standard product suite, we’re one of the few lenders that offer Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) loans and Lakeview National Community Lending programs.

DHHL (Department of Hawaiian Home Lands) Loan Program

DHHL loans are an FHA program specific to Hawaii, designed to serve native Hawaiians. CF Wholesale is one of the few lenders to offer this, meaning your borrowers could enjoy no FHA monthly mortgage insurance and lower property taxes when you work with us.

Lakeview National Community Lending Program

This down payment assistance program can be a great solution for borrowers in states like Hawaii where the higher cost of living and higher salaries make it difficult to qualify for DPAs. Borrowers can make 140% of the AMI (area median income) and still qualify, allowing for more flexibility.

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