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Want a loan platform that makes your job easier, not harder? Octane is our custom-built loan technology that facilitates the most predictable mortgage experience possible, giving users like you more control over your business.

Smarter than “smart.”

Great today. Better tomorrow.


Seriously secure.

Loans on lock. Data, too.


Automatically on point.

Predictable, perfected.

Compliance, uncomplicated.

Changes with the times, in no time.


Tailored to you.

Just like your fingerprint.


Always on.

Business hours are for banks.

User-friendly features to scale your business.

With more lines of code than the Hubble Telescope, Octane is constantly being innovated, improved, and adapted for the changing market. Loan stack audits, advanced rate search—these are just a few of the features our brokers love.

Anytime AUS

Anytime AUS (Automated Underwriting System) works when others don’t, allowing you to make instant updates to your clients’ loans anytime. Yep, weekends too.

Smart Docs

No more waiting. No more guessing. With Smart Docs, you can add or remove loan assets instantly and receive real-time notes on rejections, so you can adjust and keep the process moving.

Quick Change of Circumstance

Input a Change of Circumstance in minutes, not days. Then receive a new disclosure immediately after. With Octane, you’ll never have to wait in a queue or follow up with a system administrator.

Everyday Disclosure

Octane’s Everyday Disclosure feature streamlines the loan process and puts you in control of loan updates, any time, any day, for a quicker “clear to close.”

TBD Approvals

With TBD files in Octane, you can give your client conditional approval, issue their pre-approval, and help them make a stronger offer, faster.

Weekend Locks

Got a loan that’s ready to lock? Sometimes, it can’t wait until Monday. Octane works your hours, which means you can lock your loans all weekend long, wherever you are.

Octane in Action: Advanced Rate Search

With Advanced Rate Search, you get better, more accurate pricing and product choices when you provide more borrower information. By choosing “first-time home buyer” and including income, Octane will tell you whether your borrower qualifies for Home Possible® or HomeReady® products, better prices on Conventional loans, and more.

Octane in Action: Activity Records

Change is a constant when it comes to home loans, and tracking those changes is key to delivering for your borrowers. With Octane Activity Records, we made it easy to view the complete transactional history of your loans: What changed, who changed it, and when. And with live tracking, you’ll see real-time updates to your loan file as they’re being made.

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