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Conventional financing for manufactured homes, renovation loans, first-time buyer products—whatever unique needs your borrowers have, CF Wholesale can help you deliver financing solutions. Plus, we accept transferred appraisals on most loan programs.


  • 203(K)
    • Limited and Standard options
    • Min. FICO 620
    • Available for purchase and refi
    • Dedicated renovation loan team
  • CHOICERenovation/CHOICEReno eXPress
    • Construction must be performed by a licensed and insured contractor
    • May be used for primary, secondary, and investment properties
    • Single-family, multi-unit, and manufactured homes eligible
    • Credit scores as low as 580 may qualify
    • Fixed-rate 15- and 30-year options

FHA Loans

  • FHA Streamlines NO FICO
  • Min. FICO 550 on full files and cash-outs
  • No appraisals or AVMs on FHA streamlines
  • FHA 203(k) and (h) allowed
  • FHA escrow holdbacks allowed
  • Manual underwriting

Manufactured Homes

  • Single and multi-width options
  • Available for FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional loans
  • Available for homes built after June 15, 1976 (dates may vary by program)

USDA Loans

  • USDA Streamlines NO FICO
  • Min. FICO 580 on full files OR true NO FICO
  • Streamlined assist
  • USDA escrow holdbacks allowed
  • 100% LTV available

VA Loans

  • Min. FICO 550 on full files OR true NO FICO
  • Manual underwrite to a 580 FICO
  • Cash out to 100% LTV
  • VA IRRRL LTV capped at 105%, up to 125% with restrictions
  • VA IRRRL loans being refinanced may not have any 30-day late payments (1 x 30) during the 6 months preceding the new loan’s closing date 
  • VA IRRRL allows odd terms on fixed loans (odd terms not allowed on wholesale) 
  • VA purchase up to 100% LTV
  • VA escrow holdbacks allowed


2-1 Buydown

  • Reduces effective monthly payment for first two years
  • Subsidy account to offset reduced payment
  • Subsidy funds can be provided by borrower, seller, or any interested third parties
  • Allowed on fixed-rate mortgages
  • Up to 95% LTV
  • Available for primary residences, 1-4 unit dwellings
  • Available for second homes
  • Available for purchase and rate-term refis

Conventional Loans

  • Min. FICO 580
  • Up to 97% LTV (allow for the 3% to be gifted)
  • LPMI and Regular MI allowed on investment properties
  • Unlimited financed properties (follow Fannie Mae guidelines)
  • HomeOne®, Home Possible®, and HomeReady®

Jumbo Loans

  • Min. FICO 660
  • 89.99% LTV
  • $3 million max loan amount
  • DTI up to 45% depending on scenario
  • Delegated underwriting
  • Cash-out up to $500K

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