CF Wholesale Launches New BrokerFuel Initiative

CF Wholesale Launches New BrokerFuel Initiative

Posted on May 28, 2020

Charlotte, NC – CF Wholesale recently announced the launch of their latest initiative, BrokerFuel. The offering focuses on providing mortgage brokers with the best resources in three key areas: tools, training, and tactics. BrokerFuel supports CF Wholesale’s commitment to helping the independent mortgage broker grow their business beyond just closing loans.

“It’s about more than the transaction. We genuinely want our brokers to succeed because what fuels their business, fuels ours,” EVP of Wholesale Colin Treend said.

CF Wholesale believes that when top-notch tools are paired with the tactics and training to use them effectively, the broker becomes more efficient, their brand awareness increases, and they get an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

“When it comes to providing tools to brokers, there’s been too much focus on the ‘quick fix’ mentality,” Treend said. “Tools by themselves won’t move the needle for your business unless they’re paired with tactics and training. When you combine these three key pieces, you get a clear path to level up your business.”

As part of the new initiative, CF Wholesale has partnered with leading industry players to provide tools to brokers at a discount. This includes partners like Floify, Whiteboard, WikiRealty, LeadPops, and Podium. 

In addition, CF Wholesale realizes that you can’t release a suite of tools without offering training and best practices. They’re committed to providing services and sharing connections that will strengthen their brokers’ business and put them in the best position to succeed. 

“We believe you’ve got to give brokers the best tools, show them how to use them, and ensure they have the best experience,” Treend said. To complement these top-notch tools, CF Wholesale will host monthly training sessions that will feature experts speaking on various topics such as business growth, sales training, marketing, and more.

Brokers interested in learning more about BrokerFuel can visit CF Wholesale’s dedicated web page or submit an application to become an approved broker-partner.