Live Chat with Cardinal Financial Wholesale

Live Chat with Cardinal Financial Wholesale

Posted on June 3, 2019

Did you know we’re big on communication?

Recently, we upgraded our website to include a live chat feature. Though live chat isn’t necessarily a “new” feature to the web world, it’s a welcome addition to our site. In an industry that’s so dependent on clear communication between parties, live chat is imperative in order to keep those lines of communication open for whenever our brokers need us.

Transparency means everything to us and to the level of service we intend to provide. Keeping brokers informed and supported is a vital part of our Broker Promise. We don’t ever want our brokers to feel stuck or unsure of what to do next when it comes to their business needs. We believe brokers should have timely support that they can access in ways that are convenient for them.

Interact with us online.

Need help changing something on your loan in Octane? Want more information about broker renewals? Just have some general product questions? Whatever you’re looking for, reach out to us via chat and we’ll help you out!
The addition of the live chat feature means that there’s no guessing about when you’ll hear back from us, the response time is shown in the chat window.

Chat conversations are always tracked in our ticket system and assigned to a dedicated support staff personnel. Depending on the needs of the broker, we have dedicated support in many key areas, including Octane support, broker approval and broker renewal support, and routing your specific business questions to your dedicated account executive.
If you’re a broker looking for answers to common questions and want to search before chatting—visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if we’ve got an answer for you! If not, reach out via chat, or contact us however you prefer.
For brokers looking for additional information about the Broker Approval or Broker Renewal processes, visit the Process section of our site.